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Read "recieved" emails

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:33 pm
by Daydreamer191811
I just need alittle help with something that i found it hard to struggle. 2day i have recieved an automatic email (my hotmail account) and someone told m that this message was sent from this support group...anyway, its telling me that, i have recieved an email from that person and for a long time (until now), i tried everything to find ways of reading that "recieved" email but sadly could not.

When it comes to me receiving some PM's, then there is no problem. i get an automatic email from this group telling me i have got a new private message sent to me, and once i get that message, i login and see this "XXX private message", i click on that link and from there, that is where i can read my latest private message - i got no problem with that, but can someone please tell me how i can read a "recieved" email?

im not sure if getting an email is exactly the same as recieving a new private message, or getting an email from your email account (e.g - hotmail, yahoo,gmail...etc).

Also, i did not realise it until now, but i think "IT" has made me accidentally delete that automatic email for good. is there any way(s) of recovering that deleted message?????

Me sending an email is ok but me reading that new recieved email is hard. hpe someone does help me sort this problem out.

Re: Read "recieved" emails

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:51 am
by tony
Not quite sure what you mean. :?

To protect members email addresses from public view, the site lets you email the person from the site direct to their email address by using the little 'envelope' symbol next to the PM symbol on the right --->

When a member uses this, the message is sent to them as an email and not like a PM where you have to come to the site to read it. Your message should be in the email that was sent.