LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

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LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

Postby BabyMinhas » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:12 pm

This is just an idea, but why dont this support group purchase a very special but techincal online software where when users wants to put up their posts for other users to read, the software will tell that specific users if its successful or not to post it out for other users to read?

to give you an example, as i got a massive problems with what posts i can and cannot put up because, i still dont understand how this support group work but...anyway, if i want to put up a new post, all i got to do is take the normal steps into how can i put up a new post(s), then click on "Submit", from there the "hidden, hard to un-encryprted" online software that is installed INSIDE the website and not on the users computer will then scan from top to bottom what i have typed up and then once done that it will then compare what kind of posts can and cannot be posted based on that website (i.e - once that other scan is done, it will then "match" the two together and to end it all, the software will give me a message to let me know if i can put that post up or not. not only that if that post cannot be posted then it will in detail explain why it cannot be posted.

as i know, a software is a program that is read by bituary codes (1's and 0's) that is understood by computers but not by humans so for this software to do what we (humans) want it to do for us, the web-administrator need to enter information into that software, such as, what posts can and cannot be posted but it must be matched to that website, create your own automatic messaging system where if posts are repeated then that message will be shown to that specific user...etc

advantages to having this software are:
A) The website-administrator who controls what posts can and cannot be posted on this website (i.e - Tony) dont need to keep checkings new posts everyday to see if suitable or not.

B) The software will inform the web-administrator (i.e - Tony) of any new posts that was automatically removed and what is successfully posted on the website. he can even read those posts that are successful and not successful.

C) The software is only installed on that specific website but never on the individual computer systems (costs millions and millions of pounds if each registered-users do purchase one individually for their own computer system)

Now that this idea did come from me as i am completely in-love with 21st century technology, i just want to know if this a good idea or not?

Re: LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

Postby tony » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:16 pm

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Re: LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

Postby BabyMinhas » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:26 pm

but why dont u like this idea? i mean, i dont understand what wrong with it but maybe its me but it looks like as if it does help me A LOT and anyway, in my country (UK), i dont know how to explain it but i think we completely nuts about technology over here, such as, CHIP and PIN cards, ipods, iPhones, camera phones...etc.

Re: LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

Postby Rick » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:28 pm

It's an extremely complicated idea you're proposing BabyMinhas, it's just not practical to do unfortunately with modern technology.
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Re: LivingwithCAH website improvement - forum checker software.

Postby BabyMinhas » Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:01 pm

well rick, to be honest with you, making a new software for the future will never be easy, and anyway, who said its soo easy to make a new software....i mean, how many years did Bill Gates got his biggest company in the world (microsoft) to create the full geniune version of Windows Vista operating system and put it all on a disc????? 5 yrs (more or less) y? because, the employees there have got enough skills than other people have not got about how to write a complete top-to-bottom computer codes to make it do what it got to do for our use.

i mean did you ever ask yourself how did Microsoft put in enough data (bituary code) to put into a disc where it is small and thin that can automatically update your windows operating system monthly, How to open and close the softwares? How to install and uninstall other softwares that are not designed by microsoft at all.....bascially what im tryin to say is without an operating system installed in our computers, we would not be able to connect to the internet at all, save documents onto the desktops....etc. do u understand what im saying rick?

think about that because, it is completely be honest, the hospital i stayed at are thinking of putting my Computer system idea into real-life as they believe that has to be a brillant idea, so you will never know if they might ask me to help them later in the future. only time can tell.

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